Local performers take center stage

Asheville songstress Katie Sachs has released three albums in the past that showcase the jazz, indie, and folk sides of her music. 

Her fourth record doesn’t always stay in that vein.

Sachs will celebrate the release of her latest album, titled “The Factory of Almosts,” with a 5 p.m. show Sept. 12 on the patio at The Grey Eagle. 

“(The new album) definitely draws from a wide-range of musical styles and influences,” she said in an email interview. “I’ve always listened to a lot of different kinds of music and musical genres, and I try to reflect this in my sound. I was excited to put out a record that reflected more of my ‘rock side.’” 

She mentions artists like The Pixies, Liz Phair, and Galaxie 500, along with other ’90s and garage rock bands, that were influences on her new music.  

Katie Sachs says artists like The Pixies, Liz Phair and Galaxie 500 were influences on her new music.

“I don’t like to feel limited or pigeonholed creatively, especially being that I am a woman who plays an acoustic instrument,” she said. “It’s easy for folks to just slap a ‘folk’ stamp on you. Though I do enjoy some folk music, it’s definitely not my go-to genre when picking something to listen to or when writing songs.” 

To get the sounds she wanted on the record, she tapped into the Asheville music scene (The Get Right Band play on the record) and also had musicians from Texas and Massachusetts (where she previously lived) contribute. The 11 songs were recorded in a myriad of ways, with drums being done live in the studio and other musicians emailing tracks to her. This was much different from her other records, which were usually recorded live in one room.